Packing can be one of the toughest parts of any trip – you never know what you might need. You’ll often end up bringing way too much, and still manage to forget something important.

That’s why we’re here to help!


Quick Tips:

  • Only bring ONE carry-on sized bag
  • Pack only the necessities, you can always buy more stuff if you need it
  • If you can live without something, leave it at home
  • Be sure your shoes are broken in
  • You only need a few days worth of clothes
  • You can either get a SIM card for your phone on arrival or buy a new, cheap one


How much stuff should I bring?
Try to limit yourself to ONE carry-on bag. This may not sound like a lot but you’d be surprised how well you can live out of a decently sized backpack. Without large, wheeled suitcases to slow you down, you’ll be able to jump around from place to place much easier without being marked as a ‘typical tourist’.

Instead of thinking about everything you could possibly need on the trip, pack only the necessities. If a situation arises and you need something specific, you can always buy it there!


It’s best to bring about 4-5 days worth of shirts, underwear, and socks along with a couple pairs of pants (or shorts depending on what neck of the woods you’re in). Be sure you have a broken-in pair of comfortable shoes – the last thing you want to deal with are blisters. Other than that, pack according to the season (e.g. coat, hat, sandals) while leaving room for any special items you know you might need such as fancy dress if you know it’ll be required for an event.


Try to fit all your toiletries into one travel bag. You’ll know where everything is and you won’t waste space in your main bag. Be smart and think about what you might be able to leave at home. If you’ve already booked decent hotels, you don’t have to bring soap and shampoo. A toothbrush and toothpaste are a necessity and a small first aid kit is a must no matter where you’re going. Beyond that, bring anything specific for you or your gender (such as contacts, tampons, etc.) while keeping the cosmetics and ‘luxury’ items to a minimum.


For many people, a phone is a must. You can pick up a SIM card upon arrival or buy a cheap phone if you’d rather leave yours at home. Just be sure not to forget your charger if you’re bringing your own! Remember, you may need to bring or purchase an adaptor for outlets depending on where you’re going so your electronics will work. Everything else is pretty much personal preference. A camera for avid photographers or a laptop for those working on the go are possibilities – but only bring them if you need them.


Fill the rest of your bag with items you know you’ll need – whether for personal preference or specific to your destination of choice. This can include everything from a swimsuit to small gifts for someone abroad. These items should take up only a fraction of your travel bag! You can almost always get what you need while traveling.


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