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As a travel agent it’s your job to secure the best deals for your clients, no matter where in the world they’re going. That’s why Continental Currency Exchange is proud to work with local travel agents like you to ensure you and your clients get the best rates, savings and service on all of your foreign currency exchange needs!

How Continental and travel agents work better together:

  • Your clients will receive exclusive VIP rates and discounts
  • You will earn referral points, and build client loyalty
  • You and your clients benefit from our global partnerships and savings


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Benefiting you and Your Clients!


1. VIP Rates Guaranteed

Your clients will receive VIP rates on all exchange services and no fees on cash transactions!


2. A Service You Can Trust

We are Ontario’s largest foreign exchange provider, proudly serving clients for over 30 years from 19 branches across Ontario. Our global partnerships with financial institutions, currency exchange service providers, and travel agents allow us to get the very best rates on all of our currency exchange services – no matter where your clients are heading!


3. Building Loyalty

Providing your clients with the best exchange rates will keep them coming back for more. Show your clients that you will go the extra mile to deliver their dream vacation, within their budget – start the savings before they even leave Canada.


4. Travel Agents Benefit Too

With the easy to use E-VIP Card, you and your agency will get reward points every time your clients purchase currency at Continental.


The E-VIP Card and Agent Rewards


Using Continental’s E-VIP Card, you’ll ensure your clients receive the best rates, while also earning yourself reward points. All you have to do is issue an E-VIP Card to your clients. Then every time one of your clients uses the E-VIP card you issued, you’ll receive referral points – which can be cashed in for the gift card of your choice!



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Travel agents: Here’s How to Use the E-VIP Card


To issue an E-VIP Card as a travel agent, all you have to do is follow three easy steps: download, customise, and save!

1. Download the E-VIP Card

  • Contact [email protected] for your free E-VIP Card
  • Download and open the E-VIP PDF file

2. Enter Your Details

  • Click the box below “Agent Name” then type your name
  • Click the box below “Travel Agency” then type the name of your travel agency

3. Smile, Send, and Watch your Clients Save!

  • Save the file and send it to your client as an email attachment or simply print it for them
  • Clients can redeem your E-VIP card at any Continental branch. To receive their savings, clients provide your name and agency ensuring that you receive your referral points
  • No need to print – clients can simply present your E-VIP card on their phone and save!

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