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No matter where in the world you need to send funds, a wire or money transfer through Continental is often the safest, lowest cost, and most reliable way to do so. Stop by your local Continental branch, talk to our knowledgeable staff and send a swift and secure wire at Continental’s best exchange rates guaranteed with low to no fees on all transactions.


Continental Wire Transfer Advantage:

  • More than 30 years experience – a trusted Canadian foreign exchange leader
  • Global partners in more than 70 countries
  • Support for over 160 currencies used in over 190 countries
  • Advanced procedures allow funds to be sent and received faster
  • No hidden fees, no registration required and better rates guaranteed!


Required Information to Send a Wire

It’s easier and faster to send outgoing wires and money transfers if you have the following information prepared ahead of time:


1. Bank Name and Full Address (PO Boxes not accepted) 

2. ABA # – (for wires to the USA) 

3. Swift Code or BIC – (for wires outside the USA) 

4. Account Number 

5. Beneficiary (full name) & Full Address (PO Boxes not accepted) 

6. Reason for sending the wire 

7. Any other pertinent information (e.g. invoice #, contact name, etc.) 

8. Additional Information is required for Great Britain (6 digit sort code) and Australia (6 digits BSB code) 


Send Money for Less

With Continental, money transfers and wires aren’t just secure, they’re more affordable than ever. Any day of the month, we’ll get your money where you need it at a low price. We also offer discounts on wires for Seniors on Monday, Teachers on Tuesday, and Heroes on Wednesday. Of course, there’s also our special ‘10 on 10‘ deal…where everyone can send a wire worldwide for just $10!


Send Money from anywhere in Canada!

Even if you don’t live next to one our 19 branches throughout Ontario, Continental still has you covered. Just provide us with the necessary information below and we’ll do the rest! Contact a Continental branch for more information and to make sure you’re eligible.


1. Bank account statement (values can be blacked out) that has your name and address on it

2. Utility bill that has your name and address on it

3. Sender and Receiver information

4. The exact amount you intend to send



With OneCard by Continental Currency Exchange, send funds from one of four currency accounts to any other OneCard for free! You can also send money to trusted financial institutions all over the world for 10 dollars or less. Moving money with OneCard is the cheapest, most convenient global remittance platform ever! Interested in learning more? Visit the OneCard website.


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