Pre-Authorized Debit and Deposit

 easily move money Between your canadian and us dollar bank accounts! 


Transfer money, schedule payments, pull and push funds, pay bills and more! With pre-authorized debit and deposit (PAD) by Continental Currency Exchange, you can quickly and easily move funds between your Canadian and/or US dollar bank accounts. With our industry-leading service, you can move money between your accounts in 2 business days with absolutely no fees and at better exchange rates than your bank guaranteed. Simplify your foreign exchange and get started with a PAD today!


Get started with pre-authorized debit and deposit today!

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The Continental advantage includes:


  • Move money between your Canadian and US dollar bank accounts
  • FREE! Move money easily with no additional costs
  • Beat the banks every time with exclusive PAD exchange rates
  • Transfer funds between your accounts in 2 business days or less
  • Personal and business pre-authorized debit and deposit services
  • Conveniently send foreign currency to match your payment schedule
  • Lock in a great rate from 9 am-4 pm, Monday-Friday
  • Partnerships with financial institutions in over 60 countries
  • Canadian owned and operated with more than 30 years of experience


Best Rate Guarantee: If you find a better exchange rate in any of our local markets that we can verify, we will beat it.


Why use Continental’s Pre-Authorized Debit and deposit service?


Talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff today about pre-authorized debit and deposit if you:


1. Transfer funds between accounts

Do you have a Canadian or US dollar bank account? Easily and regularly move money between your accounts with no fees. Your money will arrive in 2 business days or less!


2. Own Foreign Property 

If you own or rent property outside of Canada that requires you to regularly transfer funds for mortgage payments, rental payments, property taxes, insurance, maintenance fees, etc.


3. Make Regular Payments Abroad

If you make regular foreign purchases or receive regular foreign currency invoices.


4. Pay for International Services 

If you need to pay school fees, tuition, or other education and living expenses.


5. Send Money to Loved Ones 

If you support family members abroad with regular payments.


6. Pay International Utilities and Bills

If you have regular phone, utility, gym, credit card or other bills to pay in a foreign currency.


7. Request Until 4, Lock in Your Great Rate

Lock in an exchange rate from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday as a Continental pre-authorized debit client. Funds won’t be pulled while banks are closed, but your transaction will be completed at your locked in rate on the next business day!


8. Talk to a Live Agent Today

You can email a live agent at [email protected], Monday-Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. We’ll get you your rate and confirmation! Need additional assistance? Call us at 1-844-438-3939 to speak to a foreign exchange expert today.


How do i sign up for pre-authorized debit and deposit?


Here’s what you’ll need to do to get started with a PAD:

  1. Call or visit a Continental Currency Exchange branch location
  2. Bring a valid photo ID
  3. Bring a void cheque for your CAD and/or USD account
  4. Complete pre-authorized debit and deposit agreement form
  5. Done! Saving even more money is as easy as that



Take advantage of Continental’s convenient pre-authorized debit and deposit options today!

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