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Frequently Asked Questions

Load, Manage, and Save with Our OneCard FAQ


Getting Started

What is OneCard?

OneCard is a smart, safe and flexible prepaid Mastercard. Innovative and easy to use, OneCard is your global companion, perfect for travel and commerce.

With the power of OneCard, you can pay anywhere and save with the best exchange rates worldwide. Lock in a rate or convert on the fly, OneCard gives you the freedom to save, pay and spend in almost any currency.

How does OneCard work?

Your OneCard works like any other prepaid card. You add funds online or at any Continental branch. You can then:

  • Spend your funds in store, or online, anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  • Withdraw cash from any ATM or over the counter.
  • Trade currency (including foreign to foreign trades e.g. USD to EUR)
  • Send multiple currencies to any other OneCard, including your secondary cards, for free; or send money to a bank account anywhere in the world for $10 or less.

Is my OneCard a bank account?

Almost! OneCard is like a better, low-cost version of your bank account. OneCard gives you access to multiple currency accounts, helping you save, spend and send money easier, worldwide.

Is my OneCard a debit card or a credit card?

Both! OneCard is a prepaid Mastercard, which means you can pay debt-free with the convenience of Mastercard everywhere you go. With the power of Continental Currency Exchange, OneCard also provides you with exclusive savings and the credit-free travel of a debit card, almost anywhere, worldwide.

How do I activate my OneCard?

To activate your OneCard, simply call 1-844-438-3939, visit or download the OneCard by Continental Currency Exchange app.

How do I get the OneCard app?

To download the OneCard app on either the apple iPhone or on a compatible Android device, search the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for “OneCard by Continental Currency Exchange”. Once found, click the download button. You can also download the OneCard app directly by clicking the respective button below:



How do I retrieve my OneCard PIN?

In order to access your PIN code, you first need to activate your OneCard either by app, online, or by phone. Once activated, the default PIN is the last four digits of your OneCard number. For security reasons, we highly recommend you change or reset your PIN immediately after activating your OneCard. To change or reset your PIN, simply call our 24-hour customer support line at 1-844-438-3939 and follow the steps as required. Learn more about resetting your PIN on our ‘Safety & Security’ page.

How long will it take to get my OneCard?

If you are visiting your local Continental branch, you can get your OneCard right away! Just be sure to have with you a valid piece of government ID.

Does the OneCard app cost money?

No. The OneCard app, and access to all of its features, will always be free.

How do I save money with OneCard?

Easily! With no fees on all purchases worldwide, no exchange rates when paying directly with your currency account, and no fees on all transfers between your currency accounts and other OneCards, OneCard makes saving money easy.

Can I make a purchase in a currency that I do not have on my OneCard?

Yes! As long as you have money on your OneCard in any of your currency accounts, your OneCard will automatically convert funds into your local currency at the time of purchase.


Getting a OneCard

How can I get a OneCard?

OneCard is currently available for purchase at any Continental Currency Exchange Branch. You may find a list of our branches HERE.

Who is eligible for a OneCard?

Anyone over 16 with a valid ID and a permanent Canadian address is eligible to purchase a OneCard.

Do I need to pass a credit check to get my OneCard?

No. Unlike your standard credit card, OneCard is debt adverse and does not require a credit check. Think of OneCard like your worldwide bank account, a multi-currency global debit card that helps you live debt free.

Do I need a minimum annual income to get a OneCard?

No, there are no minimum annual income requirements. It doesn’t matter if your finances are nimble or if you’re very debt conscious, OneCard provides everyone an equal opportunity to spend, send, and save more money all around the world. Whether your balance is $10 or $10,000, OneCard is working to make the world accessible to everyone.

What proof of ID do I need to get my OneCard?

To get your OneCard, Continental Currency Exchange requires one piece of Canadian government issued identification, excluding your health card.

I don’t live in Canada, can I still get a OneCard?

Unfortunately, at this time OneCard is only available to individuals with a permanent address in Canada. 


Add Money

How do I add money onto the card?

It’s easy to add money onto your OneCard. Log in to your OneCard account through the mobile app or through a web browser at, then choose “Add Money” and follow along with the selected instructions. Alternatively, you may also visit any of our supporting branches to load immediately from cash, credit, debit or more.

Note: By adding money to your OneCard with your credit card, it will be treated as a cash advance; this will be reflected by an additional 1.99% fee charged by your credit card company.

What currencies can I add?

You can add CAD, USD, GBP, and EUR. Once your currency is added you can then withdraw, spend, hold, send or trade to any other supported currency online or in-branch.

Can I add money from home?

Yes! You may add money onto your OneCard through the OneCard app, your bank’s Bill Pay service, and etransfer. Details for how to add money can be found on the Add Money screen in the OneCard app.

Can I reload the card?

Yes! OneCard is smart, safe and reloadable. You can reload your OneCard at any Continental location, in-app or online from the comfort of your own home.

How long will it take for my OneCard balance to reflect a money transfer?

It depends on which method you chose to add money with. Payments made using Interac online, credit card, Bill Pay, e-transfer, or in-branch, are usually processed and updated within one business day (or, in the case of paying in-branch with cash or debit, within a few hours). Payments by Pre-Authorized Debit and Deposit go through within 1-3 business days.

Please note that these are all conservative approximations. Generally payments, especially those that can be instantly verified, are processed much more quickly.

Can I load my OneCard by wire payment?

With Continental Currency Exchange, it’s incredibly easy to wire funds – whether to us or to another institution. We charge absolutely no fees on incoming wires, so whether you’re sending money or receiving it, you’re always saving with Continental. Interested in learning more? Call us at 1-844-438-3939 or send us an email at [email protected]!


Move Money

Can I exchange foreign currencies?

Yes, using the Move Money feature of the OneCard app, you can make foreign to foreign trades within your account (eg. USD to GBP, or EUR to USD) instantly, and with no fees added.

Can I send funds to another OneCard user?

Yes! It is free to send money to any other OneCard user anywhere in the world!

How much does it cost to move money?

It is free to move funds between your primary and secondary cards, and between any OneCards worldwide. Using the OneCard by Continental Currency Exchange app, you can monitor the spending of your Secondary cards. Perfect for budgeting as a family, group, or business.

Can I send funds to a non-OneCard bank account?

Yes! You can send funds in any currency anywhere in the world for $10 or less!

Does OneCard replace Continental PAD agreements?

No, OneCard does not replace PAD agreements. However, as a PAD client, you can easily register for a OneCard. We can then connect your PAD to OneCard, and make it easier for you to load your card in both US and Canadian.


Family Sharing

What is Family Sharing?

Family sharing is the one of a kind feature that allows you to add multiple OneCards to one account, consisting of at least one primary card and one secondary card. For your safety and security, secondary cards may not be loaded directly, and are only able to hold a total of $2,500 at any one time.

Can I get a OneCard for my kid?

You sure can! So long as you, the primary cardholder, are over the age of 16, you can set up a secondary card account for your kid.

Is there a charge to move money to a secondary card?

No. It is free to move money between your primary and secondary cards, and you can monitor the spending of each card. OneCard is perfect for budgeting as a family, group, or business.

How do I get a secondary card?

You can easily add and receive secondary cards by calling us at 1-844-439-3939 or by visiting any Continental Currency Exchange branch location. For a complete list of locations, click HERE.

How do I load funds onto a secondary OneCard?

As the Primary card holder you’re able to transfer funds from your primary OneCard to your secondary OneCards at your discretion. You can move money onto your secondary cards instantly in app, by phone, or in person at any Continental Currency Exchange location.

How many OneCards can I connect to my account?

You can connect multiple cards to one account, including 1 primary card which can hold a total of $10,000 and multiple secondary cards with a $2,500 limit per card. In order to prevent fraud and help keep your money safe, OneCard does have a current pause placed on all accounts with more than 6 cards connected to one account. If you would like to connect more than 6 OneCards, please contact your OneCard helpline at: 1-844-438-3939.

How much money can a secondary card hold?

A default secondary OneCard can hold up to $2,500, regardless of the Primary card balance (which has a total limit of $10,000). There is, however, an option to upgrade the storage capacity of your secondary card. So long as you are 16 years of age or over, simply come into any branch with a valid piece of Government ID, and our branch staff can upgrade your card!

Who can I give a secondary card to?

Anyone! You can give a secondary card to friends, family members, employees or colleagues. They do not have to pass a credit check, live in Canada or be over 16.


My Profile

Can I change the information in my OneCard profile?

Yes. As a Primary cardholder, your information is safely stored and linked directly to your OneCard. For safety and security reasons, this information cannot be changed in the OneCard app without verification. This protects you in case someone gains access to your online account, ensuring only you will ever be able to change your information.

The OneCard app won’t let me change any of my information. Why?

For safety and security reasons, this information cannot be changed in the OneCard app without verification. This protects you in case someone gains access to your online account, ensuring only you will ever be able to change your information.

How can I change the information in my OneCard profile?

To change the information stored in your OneCard profile, such as email address or phone number, you must contact us directly at 1-844-438-3939 or visit us in branch. For a list of Continental Currency Exchange branch locations, please click HERE.

Can a Secondary cardholder update their profile?

Yes, secondary cardholders can update their profile in person, by phone, or in the OneCard app by clicking on the My Profile menu item, and then clicking the edit button.



What free features do I receive with my OneCard?

OneCard provides you with a wide variety of features and benefits that are included at no additional cost. The following features are conveniently available to use in person or online:

  • No fees on ALL purchases worldwide
  • Move money between accounts or to another OneCard user
  • Online, phone and mail order transactions
  • Foreign cash home delivery (over $500CAD)
  • OneCard to OneCard transfers
  • Online statements
  • No inactivity fee: $0
  • Preferred rates of exchange
  • Bill payments (up to 3 per months)
  • All OneCard loading and top ups
  • Foreign currency accounts
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No annual fee: $0

Can I order foreign cash with OneCard?

Yes! You can order foreign cash and have it delivered straight to your front door, anywhere in Canada (except Quebec). As a OneCard member, you’ll also receive exclusive exchange rates on all transactions, helping you save even more money.

How can I take full advantage of OneCard?

In addition to better exchange rates and lower ATM withdrawal fees, OneCard has the ability to move money anywhere in the world for free. By taking advantage of Family Sharing, OneCard also:

  • Offers customizable colours and designs.
  • Makes budgeting and finance management as a family simple.
  • Protects your credit score and bank account from fraud and theft on vacation.

What are the best features of OneCard?

OneCard is an innovative product that makes saving, spending and sending money easier. Below is a list of some of our favourite features of OneCard:

  1. Reloadable – Easy to keep your OneCard balance topped up and ready to use.
  2. Convert when it’s right for you – Instantly move funds between your currency accounts at the best rates.
  3. Family sharing – Save more, track your family spending by connecting multiple OneCards to one account.
  4. Tracking – Easily monitor and control your spending 24/7 using the online portal.
  5. Automatic upgrades – OneCard can hold USD, EUR, GBP and CAD, with more currencies and features added regularly for free.
  6. Sending money – Quickly send money to a friend, family member or business at the best exchange rates.
  7. Foreign cash top-up – Reload using almost any currency at a Continental branch.


Fees and Limits

How much can my OneCard hold?

Your primary card can hold up to CA$10,000 worth of CAD, USD, GBP, and EUR. Each secondary card can hold up to CA$2,500.

Does OneCard have a minimum load amount?

Yes, OneCard requires a minimum load of $10.00 in CAD upon initial purchase.

What currencies can I load on my OneCard?

Currently you can load your OneCard directly with up to four currencies: Canadian dollars, US dollars, euros and British pounds. You can load with almost any currency, including Canadian dollars, and exchange directly into the desired currency account.

How much does my OneCard cost?

OneCard has no annual fees, and only costs $1 per month.

What other fees are associated with OneCard?

All fees related to your card are provided to you in the Terms & Conditions.

Will my OneCard be frozen if I don’t have any funds?

No. Your OneCard will not be frozen unless you reach 3 months of inactivity after having reached a $0 balance.

Can my OneCard have a negative balance?

Yes. There may be times where a pre-authorized payment is incurred at the same time as another expense, resulting in a negative balance. Although safety is in place to prevent this from happening, in the rare event a negative balance does occur, you will be required to pay the difference.

Can I use my OneCard with a negative balance?

No. Upon reaching a $0 balance preceding 3 months of inactivity, your OneCard will be placed in a frozen state. Should you wish to resume using your OneCard, you will have to add funds.

Is the balance on my OneCard insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC)?

No, the balance is not insured by the CDIC.

What exchange rate is applied to OneCard transactions?

OneCard offers better than credit card exchange rates on all cross currency conversions. Below are the current OneCard exchange rates:

OneCard Exchange Rates
CAD to USD 1.49%
USD to CAD 1.99%
All other currency conversions 2.25%

How much can I load on my OneCard at once?

It depends on how you are loading money! Your OneCard itself has a maximum balance of $10,000; $2,500 if it is a Secondary card. If you are loading money using Bill Pay or Pre-Authorized Debit and Deposit, the maximum amounts per transaction are typically $25,000. If you are paying by cash, credit, debit or cheque in-branch, there is again no technical limit besides the $10,000 maximum balance of your OneCard. The limit for e-transfers is generally $2,500.


Safety and Security

Is the card safe and secure to use?

Yes. OneCard is protected by advanced chip-and-PIN technology to protect you from fraud or theft. OneCard also offers:

  • Emergency Card Replacement Service
  • Emergency Cash Service
  • Protection from unauthorized use of cards or account information

What happens if my OneCard is lost or stolen?

You must notify us immediately by calling 1-844-439-3939. Once you have notified us, you can replace your card as detailed in the Terms & Conditions.

When will my card expire?

The card expires on the last day of the month printed on the front of the card, but any existing balance will not expire.

Can I give my OneCard to a friend?

Yes, however Continental Currency Exchange does not accept any liability for stolen or abused funds when you choose to give out your personal identification, information, passwords or PIN codes. For your safety and security, we recommend friends and family members purchase their own OneCard, or that you set them up under your account as a Secondary OneCard holder.

If I lose my OneCard what do I do?

If you lose your OneCard you should contact Continental Currency Exchange immediately at at 1-844-438-3939, or visit us in branch. You also have the ability to lock your card in-app, available through the My Profile page, under the security tab. Once your details are confirmed, we will have another OneCard mailed out to you directly.

I used the wrong PIN code too many times, and now I’m locked out. Help?

If you have attempted to use the wrong PIN code too many times, to ensure your OneCard was not stolen or being used in fraud, the safety features may lock you out and prevent you from completing another transaction. Please contact us at 1-844-438-3939, or visit us in-branch to unlock your OneCard.

I’ve lost/forgotten my PIN. How do I get a new one?

If you’ve lost or forgotten your PIN, don’t worry! All you need to do is contact OneCard Support at 1-844-438-3939 and a Client Support Representative will walk you through the steps to reset it.

I’ve lost/forgotten my OneCard App/Portal Password. How do I reset it?

If you’re locked out of your OneCard App or Online Portal, simply access the log-in page and select “forgot password”. An email will be sent to you to reset your password.

I think someone else is using my OneCard. What should I do?

If you believe someone else has gained access to your OneCard, you should contact Continental Currency Exchange immediately at 1-844-438-3939, or visit us in branch. You also have the ability to lock your card in-app, available through the My Profile page, under the security tab.  If you do not have our app, be sure to download it, but in the meantime call our support line and a Client Support Representative can lock it for you.



Where can I use my OneCard?

You can use your OneCard at millions of locations worldwide, including online, over the phone, and at ATMs – wherever MasterCard is accepted. You can even buy, sell, trade, send, or spend your funds from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you find an internet connection!

Can I use my OneCard in Canada?

Yes! You can use your OneCard anywhere in Canada just like a standard debit or credit card to withdraw cash, make purchases, and send funds.

Can I use my OneCard to withdraw cash or make purchases in a currency not loaded on the card?

Yes! As long as you have funds loaded you can use your OneCard anywhere in the world, and still get guaranteed great exchange rates!

Is my OneCard a credit card?

No, funds must be loaded onto your OneCard prior to spending. That means there is no risk of falling into debt, and budgeting is easier. OneCard can still perform virtually all the functions of a credit card including online purchases, hotel reservations, and other transactions.

How do I check the balance of my OneCard?

It’s easy to check your balance. Simply choose one of the following options:

  • Login to your account at
  • Sign on to the app
  • Visit your nearest Continental branch

Can I use my OneCard at restaurants and hotels?


  • Advance bookings – Hotels and car rental agencies may place a hold on funds as a deposit but this will not be charged to your card.
  • Places that could require a tip or extra charge often put a hold on up to 20%, you will not be charged this amount unless you consent, but the funds may be held for a brief period.
  • Some restaurants and hotels may not accept a prepaid card under certain circumstances.

Do I have to notify Continental Currency Exchange before travelling?

No, you do not! Unlike your debit and credit cards, OneCard was made for travel. So next time you plan on taking a trip, don’t worry about notifying your bank or credit card company (though it’s never a bad idea), OneCard has you covered!

When using an ATM overseas, do I select “savings”, “chequing”, or “credit”?

When you are withdrawing cash from an ATM, you may choose any one of the options you have listed and it will work. You may also save on your withdrawal by visiting your local branch. Funds will be pulled from your OneCard in the local currency account first, before water-falling through your remaining accounts depending on the availability of funds.

What happens if I make a transaction but I don’t have enough funds in the local currency account?

Not a problem! So long as you have sufficient funds on your OneCard itself, the transaction will go through. First, whatever funds are left in the local currency account will be drawn upon. After this, however much is remaining to satisfy the payment will be drawn in succession, starting with your Canadian dollar account, then moving to your other two accounts if the funds in your CAD account are insufficient to make up the difference.

What are Dynamic Currency conversion payments?

Dynamic Currency conversion (DCC) is a service offered by some ATMs and foreign retailers. It gives you the option of paying in the local currency, or the currency of your card issuer (i.e. Canada). You should always choose the local currency. By choosing DCC, you may lose the ability to pay in a local currency or be subject to the retailer’s exchange rates, which are typically much higher than OneCard’s. If you opt for a DCC service you may have to pay for an additional foreign transaction as well.

Will I receive a statement?

No. OneCard provides live updates to your account. To check your balance and transaction information, use one of the below options:

  • Download and login to the OneCard mobile app
  • Visit and login
  • Visit your nearest Continental branch
  • Call us at 1-844-438-3939

Can I perform a split payment with OneCard?

Yes. A split payment involves splitting the cost of a purchase between OneCard and another card or cash. Not all merchants accept split payments so ask them in advance.

Why would my OneCard be declined?

Your OneCard may have been declined for a variety of reasons:

  • Your card may have expired, check the date on the front of your card.
  • You may have insufficient funds. 
  • You may have an issue paying for gas at the pump and be required to pay in person
  • Some merchants (like restaurants and spas) obtain a pre-authorization fee (e.g. 20% for a tip) which is re-added to your account after being held for a short period of time.

Does OneCard allow you to build credit?

No, OneCard does not allow you to build credit. Instead, it allows you to travel debt-free with no credit card bills and without accumulating high interest rates.   

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