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OneCard by Continental is not currently available. Buy and sell foreign cash, or send money worldwide by visiting your nearest Continental Currency Exchange branch today!

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Please note: OneCard is not currently available for sale. If you already own a OneCard, you may continue using your card without interruption.

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Easily Send and Receive Money

Meet the incredible new multi-currency card equally well-suited for use at home or abroad. With OneCard, transfer money between currency accounts with the best exchange rates, and send and receive money to and from any other cardholder, for free!

  • Send money to other OneCards for free
  • Transfer funds worldwide to trusted financial institutions
  • Move money between your currency accounts (CAD, USD, EUR, GBP)
  • All while getting the best exchange rates



Move Money Between Accounts

With OneCard, you get accounts in four of the world’s major currencies (and counting). That’s a local currency account in your pocket for over 33 countries around the world. Whether you travel frequently or not, OneCard makes it easy to move and store money in the currencies you need.

When you have no trips in sight, keep your money working for when you do:

  • Transfer funds between accounts at the click of a button
  • Take advantage of favourable rates with strategic “move and store”
  • Exchange rates up to 50% better than the bank


Send Money Internationally

Incorporating the great rates you’ve come to expect from Continental with the option to send money in four different currencies from your OneCard to financial institutions around the world instantly, OneCard is the global debit card you’ve been waiting for!


Transfer Funds to Another OneCard

Do you have friends and loved ones living overseas? Mail them a OneCard. If you ever need to send them money, it’s a far cheaper alternative than expensive bank wires, and once they have their card they can use it again and again and again. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

What’s more, with free international money transfers, moving money with OneCard is the cheapest, most convenient global remittance platform ever!


Connecting Family with OneCard

With OneCard Family Sharing, you can connect your family’s finances all on one account! With a primary card and multiple secondary cards, you can send your kids money when they need it. Whether they’re going to school down the road or on exchange across the pond, you can keep them topped-up and monitor their spending, without having to worry about your credit score.

Check out our Family Sharing page to learn more!


A Global Card for Global Solutions

OneCard is one of the most versatile cards of any category on the market in Canada today. The possibilities for it are endless! Whether you’re sitting in a cafe in a Paris suburb, or just crawling out of bed in Hamilton, Ontario. If you have to send money to someone somewhere in the world, OneCard is there for you, in four major currencies.

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