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Family Sharing

Travel Together. Save Together.

OneCard is the ideal solution for families looking for a safe and convenient way to send, save and share money with each other. With OneCard’s first-of-its-kind Family Sharing, you can:

  • Connect multiple cards on one account
  • Transfer money instantly between primary and secondary accounts
  • Monitor and control spending online or via the app 24/7
  • Choose between over 12 different designs to cater to every style!



With OneCard, primary cardholders have complete control over the money they choose to transfer to secondary cards. Secondary cardholders have no access to the funds held on the primary account. But they do receive all of the full benefits and features OneCard has to offer; and, of course, Continental’s great rates!


How to Set up Family Sharing

Adding a secondary card is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Visit your nearest Continental branch
  2. Sign-up for a secondary card and select a card colour
  3. Load the card

Once you’re done at the branch, simply access the app or the online portal to activate the card and connect it to your primary account!


Why Choose Family Sharing?

OneCard’s Family Sharing option allows you to connect multiple cards on one account. Whether you’re travelling as a family, sending a kid on exchange abroad, or enabling a family member to travel on their own, OneCard makes your life easy. Allowing simple, safe, and fast money transfers between cards, it’s the most convenient way to send money to the people you love.

For primary card holders, managing the funds on secondary cards is straightforward and secure. Secondary cards only accept the funds you send it and have no access to money on the primary account – so you can ensure your free-spending university student stays within their means. Plus, since OneCard isn’t a credit card and isn’t attached to your credit score, you never have to worry about the secondary cardholder spending more money than what’s in their account and impacting your credit score!


Protect Your Family

While OneCard does not replace cash, it is a safer alternative to sending your child abroad with lots of physical money. Equipped with Theft and Fraud Protection; Chip, PIN, and password security features help to ensure your OneCard stays totally secure. However, if it does get lost or stolen, you can easily sign into the app or online portal to backup your funds or freeze your card.

The tracking feature also allows you to monitor and control spending at any time from anywhere. With the OneCard app, you can easily budget and load funds when needed.

Check out our Safety & Security page for more ways OneCard keeps you safe.


The OneCard Family of Colours

OneCard comes in over twelve different colours and designs, so there won’t be any card mix-ups and you’ll be able to pick a design that suits each of your own unique styles!

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