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Please note: OneCard is not currently available for sale. If you already own a OneCard, you may continue using your card without interruption.

Frees and Fees

Cheaper Than Your Bank. Better Than a Credit Card.

Live debt-free with OneCard by Continental Currency Exchange. As Canada’s only multi-currency global debit card, OneCard sets innovation and savings at the forefront and ensures that you and your family can save more money, whether at home or abroad. At only $1 a month, OneCard provides you with a world of savings, all on one card.  


Account Fees

With four currency accounts, free money transfers, and the option to link card accounts using Family Sharing, OneCard is an international bank account and Mastercard debit card, all rolled into one. With all of these features on one card, your life is made easier; and at only $1.00 a month, OneCard is cheaper than any multiple currency bank account on the market!



Free with Your Card

You can do a lot with OneCard. On top of the four currency accounts with a maximum balance of $10,000, the free international money transfers between OneCards, and Family Sharing, OneCard offers a lot more features and savings that you won’t get with your bank or any other product! OneCard gives you:

  • No fees on all purchases worldwide
  • Preferred rates of exchange
  • Loads in-branch and online
  • 3 free bill payments per month
  • And much more! Explore the full range of OneCard benefits!


Additional Card Features

Continental Currency Exchange has always been looking for ways to save you money while providing great services. OneCard is just one more example of this. With conversion rates of 1.49% to USD and 2.25% to EUR and GBP, OneCard’s rates are up to 50% better than those offered by other credit cards. At the ATM as well, fees for withdrawing cash with your OneCard are lower than those offered by most other bank cards.

Lock in the best exchange rates, and there can be no argument: OneCard by Continental Currency Exchange saves you money. By combining incredible features with the best rates and lowest possible fees, OneCard opens up a world of opportunities!


Lower ATM Fees Than Other Cards 

atm fees foreign exchange credit card rate


Better Conversion Rates Than Other Cards* 

exchange rates percentages fees onecard

You can also buy the same currencies in cash at a Continental branch. See why Cash + Card is the perfect combo!


The Best Exchange Rates

Load any currency and lock in the best exchange rates, or exchange on the fly in over 160 currencies worldwide. OneCard gives you the freedom to spend, send and save when and where you like, whether at home or around the world.

Spend from four currency accounts in over 160 currencies. Send money to other OneCards no matter where in the world they are. Save with rates that beat traditional credit cards and banks. Live free, with OneCard.


For more information, visit our OneCard Terms & Conditions

*Based on a study of twenty Canadian credit cards

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