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Continental Currency Exchange lets you buy, sell or send over 160 currencies at better exchange rates than your bank guaranteed. However, there are some currencies out there that are not available for standard transactions. Contact your local branch if you’d like to learn more about any of the currencies on this list.


List of Restricted Currencies

*Note: We may be able to assist with obtaining these currencies in some special cases. Call for more information.


AFN | Afghan afghani | Buy in Branch | buy currency online flag afghanistan afghani red black green crest

BAM | Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark | Learn More | buy currency online flag bosnia and herzegovina mark yellow blue white stars

BMD | Bermudian dollar | Learn Morebuy currency online flag bermuda dollar union jack red crest

BTN | Bhutanese ngultrum | Learn More | buy currency online flag bhutan ngultrum red yellow white dragon

BWP | Botswana pula | Learn More | buy currency online flag botswana pula blue black white stripes

CUC | Cuban convertible peso | Learn Morebuy currency online flag cuba convertible peso red white blue star

CUP | Cuban peso | Learn Morebuy currency online flag cuba peso red white blue star

CVE | Cape Verdean escudo | buy currency online flag cape verde escudo red blue white gold stars

ETB | Ethiopian birr | Learn More | buy currency online flag ethiopia birr red green yellow blue star

GHS | Ghana cedi | Learn More | buy currency online flag ghana cedi red white green black star

GNF | Guinean franc | buy currency online flag guinea franc red yellow green vertical stripes

GYD | Guyanese dollar | Learn Morebuy currency online flag guyana dollar $ red yellow green triangle

IQD | Iraqi dinar | buy currency online flag iraq dinar red white black green arabic

IRR | Iranian rial | buy currency online flag iran rial green red white

KPW | Korean (North) won | buy currency online flag north korean won red white blue star

KZT | Kazakhstani tenge | Learn More | buy currency online flag kazakhstan tenge blue yellow sun

LYD | Libyan dinar | buy currency online flag libya dinar red black green crescent moon star white

MDL | Moldovan leu | Learn Morebuy currency online flag moldova red yellow blue crest bird

MMK | Burmese kyat | Learn More | buy currency online flag myanmar burma kyat yellow green red white star

MNT | Mongolian tögrög | Learn Morebuy currency online flag mongolia togrog red blue gold

MRO | Mauritanian ouguiya | buy currency online flag mauritania ouguiya green yellow moon star

QAR | Qatari riyal | buy currency online flag qatar riyal white maroon

SDG | Sudanese pound | buy currency online flag sudan pound green red white black

SOS | Somali shilling | buy currency online flag somalia shilling blue white star

SRD | Surinamese dollar | buy currency online flag suriname dollar $ red white green yellow star

SYP | Syrian pound | buy currency online flag syria pound red black white green star stripes

TZS | Tanzanian shilling | Learn Morebuy currency online flag tanzania shilling green blue black yellow stripe diagonal

UGX | Ugandan shilling | buy currency online flag uganda shilling yellow black rooster

UZS | Uzbekistani som | buy currency online flag uzbekistan som blue white green moon stars

VEF | Venezuelan bolívar | buy currency online flag venezuela bolivar red blue yellow white stars

XAF | Central African CFA franc | Learn Morebuy currency online flag central african cfa franc multiple countries africa

XDR | IMF Special Drawing Rights | buy currency online flag IMF special drawing rights blue white crest

XOF | West African CFA franc | buy currency online flag west african cfa franc multiple countries

YER | Yemeni rial | buy currency online flag red white black yemeni rial stripes



We are Continental Currency Exchange – Canada’s Foreign Exchange Experts™. We pride ourselves on carrying over 160 currencies on hand, ready to be bought or sold at your convenience. Whether you’re looking for majors, minors, or exotics, we are your go to source for foreign exchange. With our list of currencies, you can save time and money and learn more about currencies and currency information. So plan your trip, pay us a visit or buy currency online with FXtoGO, and we’ll set you up with the currency you need at our best exchange rates guaranteed!


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