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International Currency Exchange

December 19, 2018 , by Kyle Rammler

Exchange Foreign Currencies with No Hassle at Continental

Continental Currency Exchange is your go-to place for international currency exchange. We offer exchange services on over 160 currencies around the world! Whether you’re exchanging Canadian dollars for international currency for your next trip, or exchanging foreign currency for a different foreign currency, we’ve got you covered!

Foreign to Foreign

We don’t just exchange your Canadian money to foreign money before your trip and exchange it back afterwards. We also offer international currency exchange services! That means you can take the leftover money from one vacation and exchange it for your next one.

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Benefits of International Currency Exchange

Depending on what foreign currency you have and which foreign currency you want, you can often get more bang for your buck by going foreign to foreign rather than going foreign 1, to Canadian, to foreign 2. It saves you both time and money.

For example, if you have euros leftover from your trip to France and want US dollars for your upcoming shopping trip, you would lose money exchanging back to Canadian first since the euro is currently worth more than the US dollar and the Canadian dollar is currently worth less than the US dollar.

When you exchange foreign to foreign, it means you won’t be spending any of that money while home in Canada. This allows you to better budget and save your money. If you have leftover currency from your first vacation, we can’t think of a better way of spending it than adding it into the budget for your next vacation!

While vacation budgets are important, the benefits of international currency exchange can be especially important for business travel. Company travel budgets can often be a lot tighter than family travel budgets. So, making sure you get the best rates and save the most money on business trips is crucial.

Whatever your reason for choosing international currency exchange, Continental has your back!

How it Works

As exchange rates fluctuate every day, anyone looking for a quote for international currency exchange can call their local Continental branch for the most up to date rate. Then, if you’re ready to exchange, you can come into the branch and complete the transaction.

Foreign currencies fanned Euro Reais Dollar Continental Currency Exchange Best Rates Guaranteed currency exchange near me

Best Rate Guarantee

Our Best Rate Guarantee means that we always get you the best deals on currency exchange. If you find a better local rate that we can verify, we will beat it!

Currency Converter and FX Rate Watch

Using a currency converter and keeping track of foreign exchange rates can play a major role in international currency exchange. These tools can help you decide when is the best time to buy currency.

Try Continental’s Currency Converter and Rate Watch for free today! Once you decide the best time to exchange, we’ll help you with the rest!

19 Branches at your Service

With 19 branches across Ontario and as a Canadian leader in foreign exchange for 30 years, we offer several convenient locations at your service; all equipped with our knowledgeable staff, expertise, and the best rates!

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