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Whether you’re preparing for a trip, already there, or on your way back; sometimes you need a bit more information to keep everything running smoothly. These helpful websites can serve as important resources if something goes wrong or you just need a bit of extra help.


Foreign Affairs Canada (Registration for travel abroad)



Foreign Affairs Canada (Registration for travel abroad)



Country travel advice and advisories



Country Travel Reports (featuring safety issues, health issues and entry requirements for over 225 destinations)


1-800-267-6788 (in Canada and the U.S.) or 613-944-6788


Consular Affairs Website (including a list of Canadian government offices abroad)


Collect call: 613-996-8885


Registering with Canadian Government abroad


Collect call: 613-996-8885


Consular and other representatives of Foreign Governments of Canada



Canada Border Services



Passport Office


Telephone: 1-800-567-6868

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