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Continental Currency Exchange: Our Focus Is You

Our goal is to provide you, the client, with an unbeatable rate of exchange on a consistent basis, while providing the highest quality of customer service available at any financial institution.

We save you time…

…with the ability to buy and sell nearly 100 different currencies immediately.

We save you money…

…through our company’s continuous monitoring of global exchange rates.

Continental Currency Exchange is the largest retailer of foreign exchange in Canada, faithfully serving our clients for over 30 years.

What makes Continental a leader in retail currency exchange?

  • Nearly 100 currencies available to be bought or sold immediately
  • Continuous monitoring of global exchange rates
  • Third party certified 98% client satisfaction rating
  • Loyal service for over 30 years, with over 80% returning clients
  • Expedient and safe international wire and foreign draft payments
  • Reliable and secure retail and online transactions

At Continental Currency Exchange, our focus is YOU. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding customer service on all of your foreign exchange needs. From exchanging worldwide banknotes at a better rate, to making international payments by wire or cheque, your transactions will be completed swiftly and securely.

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Continental Currency Exchange is committed to ensuring corporate integrity and ethical conduct through our compliance, regulatory, training, and legal obligations. We are committed to protecting our clients’ privacy, meeting all licensing and legal obligations, preventing money laundering and combating organized crime. Read more about our compliance and security policies HERE. 

At Continental Currency Exchange, we provide our clients with low cost, international access to currency through a variety of modern and convenient technologies. With fast and award-winning service at all of our branches, Continental offers convenient services and benefits that banks simply do not offer and exchange rates that banks do not match.

Owned and operated in Canada for over 30 years, Continental boasts, through independent studies, a 98% client satisfaction rating. We currently have 19 branch locations across Ontario. We continue to be leaders in providing global foreign exchange and our record of convenient, consistent and secure service is unbeatable.

Through our expertise in monitoring global currency exchange rates, Continental Currency Exchange offers access to more currencies through platforms and services that are secure, insured and keep pace with the demands of contemporary travel and business needs. We complement our clients banking needs by providing them with specialized foreign exchange services and products. We ensure that these services are the best in the industry according to the highest standards.

Online we are pleased to enhance our services offered to you. On our website, you will find exciting new opportunities and features. Sign up for Pre Authorized Debit & Deposit or reserve currency to streamline your experience and save. We make communication and efficiency top priorities at Continental Currency Exchange and our online services are just another way we can serve you better.

We know you are going to love us!



Our Mission

We strive to be the pre-eminent provider of foreign exchange products and services in Canada. We actively pursue a future where all citizens, of all nationalities, have easy access to low cost products and services that help them save money and travel easier.




Our Strategy

Our strategy is to be innovative, effective, and provide reliable foreign exchange services and saving solutions to our clients, wherever they are in the world, with unbeatable value. We strive to maintain our award-winning service by passing on savings to our clients through attractive rates, while exceeding our long-term reputation for excellence and integrity.





Core Business

Since opening our doors in 1987, the core business at Continental Currency Exchange has been foreign exchange. We are Canada’s Foreign Exchange Experts, working to save our clients time and money, wherever they are, and wherever they go. Every day we provide award winning service coupled with amazing value, convenient access, and fair treatment to everyone.

With our innovative internal processes and procedures, we minimize our own costs, and deliver the savings to our clients. As an added benefit, our innovative processes and systems provide a superior risk management system, making us safe, secure, and protected long-term within the 21st century global economy.




Sponsorships and Partnerships

We love getting involved in our community across Ontario. Read more about our local sponsorships and partners!

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